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More than 1,000,000 KOL have joined us and more come every day BookingKOL is the biggest and most influencer friendly online platform connecting you with trusted & exciting brands. KOL working with Booking KOL receives frequent opportunities for quick and sustainable income.


More than 5000+ Follower/Fan in Social Net work


Have more than 1 passion in a professional field


Ready to spread to thousands of users

Since 1998

BRAND - AGENCIES: Booking KOL employs advanced custom built AI to make the workflow faster, better

More than 1,000,000 companies have chosen Booking KOL to be their trusted partner for large-scale social KOL campaigns.

Built to Maximize Efectiveness and Efficiency for Large Scale Marketing Campaigns

Booking KOL’s one-of-a-kind platform based on social data and smart matching enables brands with one click algorithm. As the leading platform in the World with more than 1,000,000 KOL, Booking KOL can offer our clients the most suitable KOL categorized within more than 25 different segments.

With AI - Big Data at Booking KOL core makes sure you work with the right KOL at scale for Campaigns

Matching using AI & Big Data: Booking KOL will help you choose the most suitable influencers based on +15 proven criteria thanks to our Smart Matching Algorithm thus making your campaigns more cost efficient.

“Real Verify” is one of Booking KOL's proudest innovations which saves brands from wasting money. We detect and put a STOP sign to non-genuine KOL with fake followers.

 Quote Transparency: KOL quote directly on our platform without being affected by any third party, which gives brands the confidence to move forward faster with no hidden charges.

Hassle-free Performance Management & Reports

Smart & Fast Matching Algorithm: Find the most appropriate KOL in under one second

Smart Process: All steps in one campaign are executed online and integrated into a friendly interface (1) Send Brief –> (2) Select KOL –> (3) Review Content & Run Campaign –> (4) Export Report

Dedicated Operational Support: Our campaign operation team is hands-on and ready to support you whenever necessary.

Over 500 Happy Customers

Booking KOL trusted by both local and international brands, has continuously established tight-knit relationship between brands and influencers to bring meaningful products and experiences to consumers

Thanks for letting me experience the world's leading professional celebrity connection platform .

Richard Roe

Richard Roe

UX Product

Bookingkol has saved me a lot of money and time to find influencers to promote our company's brand.

Janie Doe

Janie Doe

UI Company

I am KOL and have created a profile at BookingKOL and it's great, I can make money easily and classy .

Katie Fox

Katie Fox

Fashion Blogger

I feel satisfied with the service that BookingKOL offers, I easily spread my brand to potential customers through Booking KOL for the culinary brand.

Melisa Edwards

Melisa Edwards

Food Critic

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